F221887 Filter kit.

F221887 filter kit. >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Factory air filter kit F221887 Mr Heater. Heatstar and more. In stock and ready for fast shipping.

Original factory air filter kit for 2009 and newer Enerco, Mr Heater and more.

Images are of all parts included in this kit. 



Factory air filter gasket. This part is included in the filter kit. Replace this part with filters.

 Included. Gasket for air filter kit. Images are of actual parts. The original factory part number is 21813 

Intake sponge filter

All OE OEM intake sponge filter. This included filter allows your heater to get the proper air.

Included. Intake sponge filter is factory and is made to let the right amount of air into your heater. Internet best price. 14.50 $ Sponges from lawn mowers and couches won't work.  

Exhaust filter

Included exhaust filter. This filter is notched on both corners. OE OEM part.

Included. This is a factory part with special characteristics. The shape has notches on both corners. The exhaust hole is close to the bottom and not the top. A knock off filter will not work. 

Mr Heater filter kit. F221887

Additional Information


  • Works with 2009 models through current year Heatstar models: HS50KT, HS75KT, HS125KT, HS175KT, HS210KT.
  • Fits 2009 models and up Mr. Heater models: MH50KTR, MH75KTR, MH125KTR, MH175KTR, MH210KTR.
  • Compatible with 2009 models to current year Mr. Heater Contractor Series: TS75KR, TS125KTR, TS175KTR, TS210KTR.
  • Compatible with 2009 models up to the current year model Mr. Heater Contractor Plus: PA50KR, PA75KTR, PA175KTR, PA210KTR